Photo by  Ysa Perez

Photo by Ysa Perez


I am a journalist, cinematographer, and producer that specializes in vérité, news, and issue-based documentary filmmaking. My work has appeared in the New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Mother Jones, and The Guardian, and I have worked as a documentary cinematographer for shows and networks such as National Geographic “Explorer,” VICE News Tonight on HBO, PBS Newshour, CBSN Originals, CNN, Al Jazeera, and the BBC.

My job has taken me to over a dozen countries, including Haiti, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Rwanda, Kenya, and Burundi, often juggling multiple roles as a producer and/or shooter. Domestically, I covered the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the mental health crisis inside Cook County Jail, the events following Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore, and border/immigration stories in the Americas. I covered the early months of the 2016 primaries, the Trump campaign, and since the inauguration, have captured the current political environment for a variety of networks and organizations. I’m interested in the intersection of justice and issues like immigration, policing, crime and criminality, environment, and labor. I like to work simply and quickly, keeping an eye and ear out for crucial story elements and compelling character moments while never sacrificing a cinematic experience for the viewer.

I am a member of the Frontline Freelance Register and was hostile-environment certified in 2016. I studied Journalism and Film at the New School in Manhattan. When I’m not working, I like surfing, climbing, reading, and watching Seinfeld.